Beach Week!!

Now before you think I’m roaming the streets of Myrtle Beach in my short shorts that say Myrtle Beach on each butt cheek… you’re wrong. (By the way, everytime I walk behind someone with writing on their shorts I always end up just narrating their walk with each step: ‘myrtle.beach.myrtle.beach.myrtle.beach.’… you get the idea)

I’ll be at the Isle of Palms this week with my whole family minus Sam obvi. I’m so excited to hear the ocean and read and have late night dance parties in the living room with my brother… it happens kinda often.

I’m posting some previously schedule posts because are you ready for this… I AM NOT TAKING MY LAPTOP!!! I’m going computer-commando for the week and it is going to feel amazing.

In the mean time, here are some hilarious pictures of a typical meal time in our house. Thanks for clean up duty Roy.

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  • One of the things I loved about NC was the plethora of beaches nearby. Glad you had fun on your beach week!