11 Months

Sweet Bud,

You are such a little ham. You squeal and clap for yourself anytime you do something good…. or even when you do something bad like throwing your sippy cup off your highchair 20 times in a row. You are a wiggle worm and no longer are content to just sit in one spot and play. You want to be ALL OVER! I love it. I’m pretty sure you’re a genius because you have figured out how to really play with your toys. You put the lego man in his spot in the dump truck and you have started putting puzzles together. You turn pages in your books and point at your favorite things on the pages. You are amazing little man.

You still love to giggle and play outside. It has gotten hot here so you love splashing in the pool. You’re my little water bug.

You’re probably close to 20 pounds now and look so healthy. I’m so grateful for your health.

You are becoming a picky eater when it comes to eating food with your hands. You’ll eat about anything pureed but Mama is trying to get you to eat big people food so it’s easier to take you out on the town but alas, you make dang sure I know when you don’t like something. You squish up your face and spit it out. So we’re still purreeing food like crazy but you’ll eat pancakes, cheese toast, cheese, crackers, any kind of fruit, and eggs. We’ve been trying to get creative but you always figure it out when I’m trying to hide a piece of turkey in your bread.

The big news this month is that YOU CRAWLED!! YAAYY!!!!  I love seeing you becoming so mobile and curious.

I can’t believe you are going to be ONE in a few weeks. *sigh*

I love you to moon and back little dude,

Your Mama


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  • Nomi PB

    Bud really seems to be coming into his own these days… his personality is all over those pictures. Looking forward to seeing him in a couple of days! Oh right, and the rest of you too.