Shower time…

I want to share with you something that happened to me in the shower the other day. (Don’t get crazy on me, I’m not going down that road.)

Peace happened.

Maybe it was because it was the only time that day that I’d had some alone time but I was a bit frazzled and honestly, just in need of some peace from the Lord. And He delivered. I had been heading down a rabbithole of self-loathing/comparison/binge-eating-Sprees because I was trying to figure out what kind of mother I was supposed to be. Bud has been developing quite the strong will (his father’s fault gift) and so I’ve been trying to discern what kind of discipline and consequences I was going to employ. Yah… I said employ. I had talked to several mom friends that I love and trust, read some books, scoured some blogs, etc. And had tried a few things that I thought were the answer but nothing felt right.

So I was standing in the shower not shaving my legs and praying that God would give me the wisdom and discernment I needed. Then it happened. The Peace happened. It washed over me just as my $1.89 Suave shampoo did.

I have made you to be the kind of mother Bud needs. You. Not anyone else. You. You don’t need to emulate anyone else except Me. I will give you the wisdom and discernment you need, but I have equipped you with everything you need to be the kind of mother you should be. Humorous, sarcastic at times, and patient. Find peace my child in using the attributes that I have given you, that I created in you so that you can be just the kind of mother your children need. 

WHHAA!??!!? I stepped out of that shower in awe and feeling like I’d just spent a full day at the spa. I don’t need to follow anyone else’s parenting plan or try and emulate someone else’s discipline tactics. I need to embrace the fact that the God who made beautiful and breath-taking creations like the Grand Canyon and Chick-Fil-A made me with the same hands. He wants me to be ME when I parent. Not someone else.

So I wish that for you too. Whatever it is, whether its being a parent or your job or a hobby… do it with the flair that only you have. He’s created you for that fill in the blank, stop trying to do it like someone else.


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  • Angela

    Love this! My daughter is also determined and strong willed (fathers fault, I mean gift). I’m reading and asking and observing like a mad women so I can help her keep that strong will and use it for good not evil. But I guess the fact that we are even aware of our childs personality is why God entrusted them in our hands. He knew we would be able to help them grow and succeed in life. I needed that reminder today. And what shampoo was that? I need me some of that spa magic.

    • ha you’re funny with the shampoo. i love that “we are even aware of our child’s personality..” good word!

  • jessi

    1. what a great moment that is, when you hear God’s voice and His peace covers you
    2. “breath-taking creations like the grand canyon and chick-fil-a”, lol!
    3. thank you for this sweet reminder 🙂

  • Buffy

    Girl what a gift! And great word for me. Ps we gotta talk WW2012!!

  • thank you for this. i needed this. maybe i need to take a shower! i’m struggling w/ the introduction of solids. doing it right. and i’m OVER ANALYZING EVERYTHING. dang. so YES – God made YOU (me) to be the mother YOU (I) need to be to your (my) child! Thank you, Martha!

  • Katy

    Martha! I love how you seem to so easily put into words what I feel/have felt/ will likely feel in the very near future! Always an excellent reminder to trust in His plan.

  • Leslie

    Yep…it’s just like “use the force, Luke”, only it’s “use your inner wisdom”

  • Meghann

    so true!


    I just LOVE this Martha!

  • Carlye Kincaid

    Martha- thank you for sharing this! I just had a baby boy 2 months ago, and this message is so encouraging. I liked it SO much that I forwarded on to some of my favorite mom friends, too. Your blog is phenomenal, as are you & Bud 🙂

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