Mom’s Birthday!

Last week my hottie Mama turned 63… yeah, I said it. She is the best mom and lives a completely selfless life. She gives herself fully to her family without caution. She also has been an incredible example of what it means to really love your friends well, she loves her girlfriends! And on top of that, she gives back to the community like nobody’s business. She’s been an incredible example of balance to me growing up and I’m so blessed to have her as a mom.

So for her birthday, I decided to put together a special gift to show her how amazing she is to the people in her life. I got in touch with all 800 of her friends and had them send in little memories of Mom and what they love about her. I had a great response and it was really sweet to read all these letters from her friends about what she means to them.

I found an old letterbox from the 1950s at an antique shop so I cleaned it up a bit and then filled it with all 63 letters from her friends and family. I pasted each letter on scrapbook paper to give it a little spice.


She loved it. She got to read all the encouragement from her friends and family. And what a testimony to who she is that I could easily fill a box of 63 notes of all the wonderful things her loved ones think about her. Plus, she cried so being the emotionally mature one, I high-fived my Dad and said, “NAILED IT! SHE’S CRYING!”

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  • Marcella

    That was incredibly awesome!! Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  • You are the best daughter ever! What a great, beautiful present! <3

  • thanks yall!