So, I never do anything to my hair. Like… ever. My hair repertoire includes: high bun, half-way back, and ponytail. If you see me and I’ve curled my hair, you should feel pretty damn special.

So I got crazy this past week and tried a little hairdo with braids. I wanted it off my neck and it turned out kinda cute and pretty easy. I just braided 4 big strands of my hair and then pinned each strand back. Use clear rubberbands and a buttload of bobby pins. Oh yeah, and spray that junk like you’re about to take the stage at the Grand Old Opry.

I felt all Pinterest-y and cute but in reality, this probably won’t happen often because my arms got tired and I kept getting distracted and pulling my braids across my face trying to make a mustache.

Please notice the look of concentration in my face in the mirror.... eye of the tiger baby

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  • Leslie Petree

    It’s very Katniss Everdeen at The Reaping Ceremony. Now, go out there and kick some tribute booty.

    {P.S. And this makes me want to grow my hair out again. Sigh.}

  • Kim

    It’s adorable! I last for two seconds when I try the cute braids. And if you haven’t read Hunger Games, then you should and wear the braids while doing so;)

  • Deana

    Very cute, I’m impressed. I wouldn’t be able to do anything like that! I can barely do a regular braid… :S ( Don’t know what I’ll do if I ever have a girl) haha. Miss you!