Weekend Update

We had a pretty great weekend around these parts. Nothing too big happened, just good times, good weather, and good downtime.

Friday night was Daddy-Daughter night at our house. My mom had gone shopping in Charlotte and didn’t get home until pretty late so after Bud went to bed, Dad and I poured us some beers and sat on the back porch. We threw some chicken, corn on the cob, and fresh veggies from the garden all on the grill. It was so simple but we rarely get times with just the two of us to chat and make not-so-Mom friendly jokes (aka inappropriate or sarcastic jokes. The woman does not like sarcasm). It was nice and then once Mom got home, we all just sat with our cocktails on the back porch until the lightening bugs became our drinking buddies and we called it a night. I’m so grateful for parents who are becoming more and more like friends to me as the years go on.

Saturday started off with pancakes that I tried to decorate like Mr. Bill…. jk. (Lauren, you get me)

Then it was errand day and we ran a bunch of errands for his big birthday coming up. Mom and I went to this massive kids consignment shop in Cornelius, NC and scored some sweet clothes and some big presents for the Bud-man. He found a rocket that he fell in love with and so of course it came home with us. It was hysterical though b/c he got on it and started blowing out of his mouth and rocking back and forth like he was trying to make it go faster…. this kid is hilarious.

Saturday night after he went to bed, I went out with my cousin and some of her girlfriends. She is moving to CA next week so it was a fun farewell supper. I gotz all kindza dressed up with a fun summer dress and my vintage white cowboy boots. It got real. And by real, I mean I was in bed by 11pm.

Sunday was…. tiring. The past two Sundays Bud has had MAJOR meltdowns in the nursery. As soon as I walk away, he screams bloody murder and doesn’t really let up. They are AMAZING with him and can usually calm him down but this past Sunday when I went to get him after the service, he.was.PISSED! He was so mad at me for leaving and just stared these crazy eyes into my forehead and cried for a solid ten minutes. So…. separation anxiety? What the heck do yall do about that!? He has a good amount of independent playtime during the day and I can leave him with my parents just fine. But holy crap, I need a game plan. Any wisdom would be much appreciated!

However, the day ended great because my whole family went out to the farm and had a Father’s Day cook out. My cousin Meg is the Baby Whisperer and Bud is completely smitten with her. He kept scooting over to her and climbing all over her. Thank you Meg for loving my Bud-man!


Hope yall had a fantastic weekend!

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