Sam and I are so grateful that we are close with our families. We are also beyond grateful that we have friends who we consider family as well. Some of those friends have come to visit recently and Bud has been loving the company! We had Kate from CA, Ashley from WY, and Alyson (aka Poodle) and Neely! We really love our friends and are so blessed!


My friend Kate came to visit and we miss her SOOO much!


College roomies unite! Poodle & Henry and Neely & Thompson loved playing with Bud! And oh my lord, can you just squeeze little Thompson!? I miss having a baby that'll just sleep in your arms.... oh the days before my son turned into a wiggle worm.


My college roomie Ashley came to visit from WY and oh my gosh, I've missed that girl!

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  • Hi Martha! Found you via Kate, who I met before she left W-S. I live here too! And I’m a Navy wife! And I blog at I’m definitely going to follow your blog. Loved the post about peace in the shower 🙂