We can’t wait to sing to you

   You will quickly learn that some of the happiest times that your father and I have are sitting in the living room making music together. Your father can play the guitar in ways that make me swoon… save the barf noises for when you’re a tween. We could play and sing for hours.

We can’t wait to make music with you little one.

Whether you know it or not, we love to play to you now and I hope you embrace music in your own way as we have and experience the way it can stir your soul.

Here is a sweet song that I came across through my friend Meredith. 

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  • ooooh martha.
    love your blog…
    and love how you can’t wait to sing to your babe…
    our most cherished times have been singing to our three precious ones… guitar and all :).
    lots of love to you…
    and your growing belly :).