First time away!

Well the time has come! It’s my first time leaving little Bud overnight and its for the whole weekend ah!!! Luckily I’m leaving him with my folks who he’s super comfortable with and will be in his normal surroundings so I’m sure he won’t even be phased. But man, I’m going to miss him!! I’m so blessed though that I completely trust my mom to take care of him and know how much he’ll be loved while I’m gone.

Yall should see the refrigerator because I pre-made all of his meals so that it’d be super easy on my parents…….. to say I “over prep” is an understatement. I was one kickass girl scout though!

I’m going to celebrate some of our dear friends Ben and Kelli. Remember them? 

We have more ridiculous adventures/memories with them to count and Sam is having me read his rehearsal dinner toast over the iPhone so this could be interesting…..

Our first visitors when we moved to WA!

This might be one of my fav pics of all time. Ben is completely panicking because Bud started to fuss

Our law school crew, so excited to see everyone again!

Love you Kelli and can't wait to celebrate you!!

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