10 Months

Bud, this picture captures so many things that just melt my heart about you. It shows your little curls that are starting to form behind your ears. I LOVE THIS! You see, your dad has had amazing hair. It was McDreamy hair. But then he shaved it all despite the fact that I informed him I married him for his hair. So I’ve been hoping you’d get his curls! They really stand out when you get sweaty, its adorable.

YOUR FEET! Are you seeing your feet? You always sit with your little ankles crossed and its pretty much the cutest thing in the world.

And your gorgeous blue eyes are still the best thing I look at all day. So much curiosity, mischief, and sincerity in those blue eyes.

I know I say this each month, but you really are getting more and more fun! You have the best giggle and are really ticklish on your neck. You are pointing at everything! I love it. You are reacting to the world with no filter whatsoever and I hope that never changes. You squeal when things are exciting and you furrow your brow when things have you baffled. You have inherited your mama’s faces so beware, you will make people laugh but will never be able to conceal what’s going on in your head.

Still no movement besides rolling around and belly flopping… dude, for real? Please don’t be that 40 pound kid that I’m carrying around in the backpack because he refuses to walk. You like to walk when I’m holding your hands so you’ve at least got the motion. But I do love how much of a wiggle worm you’ve become. And you love to pull up and stand… but you’re definitely testing your limits. Mama has had to make some serious action-movie-style saves to keep your little head from bounding to the floor.

You are truly embracing the “whining to get what I want” phase and we are starting some tough love this week. Of course you haven’t crawled because Mama gets you everything as soon as you whine. So, I’m just going to have you let you work it out and go to my happy place when you whine for something that’s possible for you to get. Mama needs a glass of pinot and sour patch kids STAT……

You love playing “hide and seek” and anytime there is a blanket, you pull it over your head and wait until I say, “Where’s Bud?!” and then throw it down with a big giggle. I never get tired of it…. and judging by the 50 times we play it a day, clearly you don’t either. And you started clapping! You love to clap!!

You still love your doggy and think its hilarious to feed him your food from the high chair… where you learned this, I have no idea.

You love your friends! Friends are really important to your Mama and Daddy and you are picking up that trait flawlessly. Some of the pals that you play with often are Ava, Branch, Evie, Margaret, Ian & Parker, Alden, Wyatt, Miles & Ethan, Taylor, and Bo. You love your auntie Mary and auntie Liz. You are very well loved little boy.

I can’t believe the first year is coming to a close so soon but I can’t wait for all of the adventures that we will have as a family and think of the fun we’ll have with your Dada when he gets home!!

I love you to the moon and back little man,


P.S. The biting… really?

Don't worry, my kid is NOT playing with cords in this picture...

Oh these open?? What happens when I pull on this one...

oh S#$t! Don't worry- Mama swooped in and caught me before I went down. She's super stealth like that.

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  • I think the pouty faces are my fave! Why are sad babies so freakin cute? Also, I LOVE the ankle cross. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Andrea, the pouty faces are my favorite too 🙂 Also, putting the month sticker on his bum? Genius. 

  • Mollyrparker

    I love his curls!! I love the monthly posts!!

  • He’s just the cutest EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cute, Cute, Cute!! And I love the sticker on his butt!