Greek Festival

Every year our town does a huge Greek Festival and it’s awesome. Why is it awesome? Because I can shove as many chicken pitas and baklavas into my mouth and justify it by saying I’m “appreciating culture”. For reals yall- the Greeks know how to throw a party. My cousin/sister/bestie Mary and I took Bud for lunch there and met up with some of our other friends and babes. It was so much fun to try and navigate a stroller through crowds… wait. That part wasn’t fun. The fun parts: 1. the food 2. watching adorable little children dressed in traditional garb dancing around 3. the food and 4. hiding in the Greek soldier’s peripheral vision.

Judge me if you will but I'm not afraid to use a sippy leash...

P.S. I love that my kid was terrified of the Easter Bunny but loved these guys...

And you want know my favorite part? I love that the teenage boys were 100% unapologetic about their heritage. They were dancing on the stage and walking around in costumes… and their moms weren’t making them do it. YES PLEASE! I feel like most tween boys would be texting Siri just so they wouldn’t have to have real conversation or sneaking Marlboro Lights behind a dumpster or discussing their next Xbox victory. But these dudes were killing it on stage and having the time of their lives.

Dear Boys, please never change. You give me hope that not all teenage boys blare LMFAO out of their Tahoe and drink Busch Light in their parents’ garage.
Sincerely, Martha

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have 567809 miles to run off the copious amount of baklava culture I ate.




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  • Anonymous

    Lived in Winston for 20-something years and not once did I make it to the Greek Festival. {hanging head in shame}

    • So sad! Looks like you’ll have to come back and check it out 😉

  • Janmetzler

    Martha! Bud looks exactly like Sam did in the stroller picture! It’s amazing…I’m at my desk and my class is working on something and I almost gasped at the resemblance! Looks like y’all had a really fun day…

    • There have been  a few glimpses of his daddy recently!

  • Kathryn R Holding

    we went to the Greek Festival in Wilmington last weekend…I, too, was super impressed by the dancing high school boys!  I kept wondering how much money their parents had to bribe them with, but think they were just dancing for fun!  I love it!

    • Yay! I’m glad they were representin’ all over NC 🙂

  • Laurian

    I stopped by on my way back to KY and got a flat…yes a FLAT…of spanakopita.  So delicious! 

  • Betsy

    LOVE this post!  Can just feel your excitement jumping through my monitor 🙂 🙂 🙂  And, I a sippy cup lease is a must!