Trip to Nashville

I went to Nashville last week and it was so amazing and soul-renewing. It was exactly what I needed. I was in desperate need for a retreat somewhere and a change in scenery. So after promising I’d visit for years, I finally bought the ticket and spent the week with my dear friends from college, Scott and Michelle Cash. They have the most beautiful house and it is so welcoming. Bud and I just made ourselves at home and became official squatters. We spent the days playing with the girls, eating and enjoying healthy food, visiting the zoo, and discussing child rearing theories and how to raise our children in Godly ways.

It was a wonderful week and I’ll always remember the mornings that I got to sit out on the back porch overlooking the farm land with a warm cup of coffee in my hand reading Scripture. I’ll remember the sweet way their older daughter spoke to Bud and read him books on the floor. I’ll remember Bud’s first trip to the zoo and the way he squealed over the fish and pointed at the meerkats. And I’ll remember the authentic conversations I had with Michelle about how we want to raise our children and the conviction we both spoke with that I know we’ll do it along side each other until we’re sending them off to UNC whatever college they decide on  UNC.

Thanks to the Cash fam for hosting us and we can’t wait to see yall again! We miss you and I’m sorry Michelle but I only last one day without eating candy. I’d repent but I’m not really that sorry…. it was too good!!


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  • Anonymous

    Martha, what a sweet trip. So glad you got to be with them. I know, such a dream house. Hope you are so well in NC. Bo is in Costa Rica, but soon they set sail for Peru!

  • Looks like you had a great time! It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do for a person!