Ya gotta do what ya gotta do

Bud has decided to hate the carseat again. I’ve talked about my screaming baby in the car theory before. I geniunely think there is a tiny corner of hell for terrorists and people who abuse animals where they are forced to sit in a car with a screaming baby. Poor. Torture. 

Anyways, I resorted to passing him a wheat teething biscuit the other day and when we finally got home I found him like this.

I love that it looks like he has ginger beard. Hope yall had a great weekend!!

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  • Angela

    Have you tried music in the car? Kid music like Raffi. As soon as Raffi begins blaring through the speakers my kid goes to her happy spot. This all depends on your tolerance of kid songs but for me I’ll take it over crying and screaming from my backseat. Plus I love that she is starting to sing along. So stinking cute it makes my heart melt.

  • We have Raffi too, and the Little People ABC cd. YOu might want to kill yourself becuase you’ll be singing A is for Alligator way into your sleep, but it entertains le babies. Miss you!

  • I know it’s too early for this but Sky will do ANYTHING for a dum dum….just sayin’… 🙂