Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


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  • Kate@Daffodils

    Congrats Ericka! And that was fantastic, particularly Roy’s Vlog bombing. We knew he had the photos down, but that was classic. hah love you!

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    Seriously, what’s better: Bud’s happy little squealing or Roy? I can’t decide. 

    Refuse to decide actually.

  • Mary Dudley

    Haha loved the video. Trigger was quite intrigued by the noises Bud was making – poor thing doesn’t know what’s coming in July haha!

  • Ohmygosh! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I love doing blog giveaways, but winning one might be even more fun! Thanks Martha! (and Katie!) 

  • Betsy

    “You are so rude.”
    “Draw it.  Draw it.  Draw it!”
    “Quit photobombing everything.”
    MISS YOU!!!  This made me miss you even more and I loved every second of that video.  I might just let OJ watch it because he will screech right back at Bud.  Hil-ar-rious!!!!!!!!!!!