The Metzlers Visit!

Last weekend Sam’s parents came down for a visit. It was fun to have them in Winston and Bud loves being around his Nana and Grandpa. They are really great with him and he just hams it up.

Bud is getting to be SO MUCH FUN and making everyone laugh around him. He has discovered his voice so he loves to YELL… I have no idea where he gets his voluntary outbursts from….. hmmmm (*says the girl who screamed ‘FRANK AND BEANS’ when she was buying beans in the grocery store) He also has learned to play peekaboo with whatever blanket/towel/mat/mama’s hair that is within his arm’s reach. It’s hysterical and he does it completely unprompted. I’m trying to catch it on camera.

Playing with Grandpa


Bud loves his Nana and Grandpa!


Bud loves playing outside. I think we are both solar powered which should be interesting when we get back out to the PNW


In other news, remember this challenge? Well, Kate won! So, Kate keep an eye out for your Target gift card in the mail. And believe it or not I looked into boudoir pictures when Sam got deployed but that junk is EXPENSIVE!!! Plus, I’d be completely paranoid that the government would somehow confiscate them and post them all of the interwebs as a “please do not let your wives do this because a willy wonka costume does not count as lingerie”. So, I bought some new sandals and called it a day.

Stay tuned because we’ll be doing our first real giveaway tomorrow! It’ll be available for a week and then you’ve lost your chance FOREVER…. or at least until I do another one. 

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  • Kate@Daffodils

    Back to blooging AND three posts in a row. Glad you found your mojo girlfriend. I would have electronically missed you. We can do some glamour shots for you when I come in town and send them to Sam. Im thinking big hair and pink lips, possibly that sequins jacket from the Rummage Sale and some boobie tassels (can I say boobie tassels on your blog?). You can pay me in wine and laughter. LOVE YOU!