High five!

I wonder when women became so competitive? I’m all for healthy competition but I’m talking about the kind when you secretly want the girl next to you to get a giant zit on her nose or for her pants to split up the middle revealing granny panties.

It doesn’t make sense! We need to cheer each other on and rejoice with each other when amazing things happen. The other day I was on a run and I was coming up on a girl that looked like she needed some encouragement. I always think it’s awkward passing other runners because a) I don’t know if I look like I’d rather be drowning in a septic tank or b) I start to wonder what they are listening to or c) if they can see that my entire butt is moving up and down as if completely independent from my body. So instead of thinking of those things or that her legs shook less than mine (ok I thought it for a second) I started cheering really loudly, “YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!” and then held out my hand a little too long until she gave me a high five… all while trying to run with a dog and a bouncing ass.
I hope she laughed but she definitely picked up her pace. I realize this could be because she was running away from the crazy person but it might be because she felt encouraged! Encourage your sisters today. Don’t let jealousy or insecurity get in the way from truly rejoicing with one another.
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  • Pam Shaffer

    My cousin Shawn's facebook status recently read… "To all the spandex wearers at the gym: If your butt looks like 2 bulldogs fighting in a garbage bag when you walk, please put the spandex back in the dresser drawer."