9 Months

My sweet boy, you are 9 months old! (Ok, you were 9 months old a couple weeks ago but those are minor details) 

You are so much fun. I mean, we have the BEST time together all day. You crack me up the way you play with your toys. You are such a smart boy. You love to put your toys inside of your dump truck and the dump them all out. You are so vocal, it’s hysterical watching you try and talk. You have so much to say! I’m sure you’ll help us solve all the world’s problems as soon as you can form sentences. Or just ask me to fix your lunch… both equally important.

You had a great 9 month check up and we liked it because you didn’t have to get any shots! You are 18.5 pounds and 28.5 inches long. The doc said you were as healthy as can be. He thought you’d probably skip crawling as well and just start walking because you loved to stand so much. You want to crawl so badly, you get up on all fours but then just go into a big bellyflop. It’s kinda adorable. You are much more mobile though because you’ve learned to just roll everywhere.

ooh i'm so close...

and flop


You still rock the gorgeous blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. You have 6 teeth now with 2 about to pop through, you little snaggle tooth you.

You still squeal and sing when you’re happy. You LOVE to eat, I mean for real boy, you have your daddy’s appetite. You still nurse about 4 times a day but you are definitely weaning yourself. You eat 3 meals plus 2 snacks. I’m telling you I might be entering you into an eating contest soon! You love your doggy and saying “dadadadada”…. now, I’ll buy you a pony if you start saying “mama”. You love to take a bath and just splash the water until I’m just about as drenched as you are. When we ask you for a kiss, you just plop your big, sloppy mouth wide open on our cheek. I die a slow death of cuteness everytime you do it. You shake your head back and forth (thanks Aunt Poodle for teaching him that one) and now you actually do it when you mean “no!” When you don’t want anymore green peas you just start shaking that head back and forth… that’s going to be awesome when its accompanying a screaming “NO!!” in your toddler years…

One of my favorite things you do is sit with your ankles crossed. I don’t want to forget these little things you do because they completely melt my heart.

You are the most content baby and everyone comments on how wonderful you are when we are in a restaurant. I always give you a little wink and know it’ll only be a matter of months before you’re trying to squirm out of your high chair to run around.

I love you to the moon and back little man, you are such a joy and you make my days a million times brighter during this time of missing your Dada.

Love, Mama
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  • Tori Shelton

    Hey Martha, I feel like a major creepy blog stalker.  We used to know eachother a bit back in the day through my brother Syman, and I was in school with Graham. I found your blog I think through my cousin Liz and every time I read it I am amazed at how similar our boys are.  Seriously.  Levi is 8 and  half months, strawberry blonde hair, 18 lbs, 28 inches, ADORABLE, sweet, content, calm, so well behaved in public…He used to despise and detest tummy time, and now naps on his tummy happily, shows no interest in crawling, loves to eat everything and LOVES to hear his own voice.  He even does the “no no no” headshake all the time and thinks it’s hilarious.  I just thought I’d let you know that Bud has a random twin in the world, because it seriously freaks me out when I read about him 🙂

    • too funny tori! of course i remember you! hope bud gets to meet his twin!