Bud likes to boogie

I’m trying to record little mannerisms that I know are so specific to Bud’s age so that Sam can still be a part of it all. Little facial expressions or sounds he makes are such a battle in my heart as they are heart-melting because he’s so damn cute and heart-breaking because his Dada is missing it.

Anytime there is music playing in our house or in a restaurant, Bud LOVES to dance. We have daily dance parties in our living room and he usually out-skillz me in our dance contests.

I captured this little video while we were at lunch the other day so Sam could see some of the faces Bud makes and his little dance moves. Thought I’d share with yall as well…

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  • Jamie

    So cute!

  • Ppeterson50

    Martha,”BUD is absolutely adorable.  All the comments are great.  I am new to this but everyone
    in the “fam”has given two thumbs up.  My third grand-daughter, Riely, and Bud should get together.
    My viedo is ‘Diaper Dancing”.. hilarious.  Grandma’s get to have so much FUN! Your dad’s having FUN and I want you to say HI to that cute mom of yours. I miss her too since everyone graduated!!! Glad the is periodic touching base. So important through ones life. I still remember all the 4 Wheeler’s and the fun by all.  Take care of each..   Ms. P X

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