Do yall have a place that you go to retreat away from everything??

I go to my folks’ river house a few times a week just to escape from everything and play in the grass and dirt with my boy. Roy gets to run around like a crazy dog and chase birds and jump in the river. Bud and I lay a blanket out, count four-leaf clovers and stare out at the pastures across the river. I have a really hard life….

I think retreating to somewhere even if its to Starbucks is so important to self-care. Yeah I said self-care… you can go ahead and call me Doctor Martha. (Kiss my ass Dr. Phil because there’s a new fake doctor in town!)  But honestly, we go SO MUCH in this life that we really need to slow down, take some deep breaths, and soak in the goodness. I mean, really soak it in. It’s not meant to be rushed through so put the smart phone down, stop making your grocery list, and just enjoy the life that you’re meant to enjoy.

Do you have a retreat place?

Dad enjoying the sunset with a cold beer and a dog at his feet

Drivers Ed Anyone?


Oh you know, just looking for a bullfrog


Happy Boy


I love my boy


My Escape

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  • Kate@Daffodils

    Check you out with those cat eye sunglasses. Bud is getting so big! Cant wait to get the boys together to run around in june!

  • Anonymous

    Funny, you and I have the same place! I’ll be right over.

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