Hey yall-

I hope you had a great weekend. I had a laid back one with a lot of time with my little man. I seriously can’t get enough of that kid. Good thing I guess since its just the two of us! He’s getting to be so fun and active.

He is so close to crawling and even got up on all fours for his daddy today on Skype! Huzzah!

He has three, I repeat THREE teeth coming in right now which means for a snotty nosed boy who gives me pitiful looks through his wimpering.

His personality is really starting to shine through. He does this hilarious routine as I’m leaving his room for naptime or bedtime. He picks up the bumper and stares at me with his sneaky eye and giggles as I leave. It’s pretty hysterical so naturally I had to snap a picture.

The apocalypse is officially happening because my “i would rather drown in a septic tank than spend time on my tummy” child is now napping on his tummy. WHAT THE WHAT!?

My dog Roy hasn’t changed much at all. He still sunbathes better than Snooky. However, he has officially become terrified of thunder. It wasn’t raining AT ALL and was just thundering in the distance and before I knew it the dog had Shawshank Redemptioned his way out of the gate. So I had to spend a naptime mending the fence. Of course I gave myself a high-five and started chanting my own name after I fixed it. Why do you ask? It’s the little things that I do on my own that make me feel pretty dang accomplished when my husband is deployed. Any other milspouses feel me on that one?

Bud has also started dumping his toybasket over so he can pull out every.single.one.of.his.toys. Holy clean up Batman.


All and all, life is pretty good with this little man and crazy dog to keep me company. We count down the days until Sam gets home, oh man we are counting down the days and then life will be great again! We miss him like crazy but are so proud of the work he’s doing. Hope yall had a great weekend and squeeze the heck out of your love tonight.

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  • Lindsey Wooten

    Little Bud is getting so big!  I miss y’all terribly and hope to see you both soon! Love you!

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    Shawshank Redemption as a verb. I approve. 

    (I promise I took away more from this post than just that but c’mon, that was pretty epic)

  • Jodyhparker

    Made my day!!   Love y’all!!

  • Baby boy peeking out from under the bumper is TOO cute!!

    And yes, I’m always giving myself high fives and fist pumps when I get a job like that done when my husband is gone! 🙂

    • high fives to you for all the random light bulbs you changed or heavy trash you took out 🙂

  • lidbom.

    so you know. the toy situation is only just beginning.  

    also. your kid is cute. he needs to hang out with my kids soon.