Missing my hubby more and more every day…. isn’t this supposed to get easier? I’ve been wearing my Service Blue Star pin on my outfit each day and while this may have been something I might have made fun of in years past, it makes me feel closer to him somehow.

Does that make me sound crazy?

If you don’t know what the service blue star is, I don’t blame you. I didn’t either until we hopped into this rodeo called the military. If you see a magnet on someone’s car, a pin on their coat, or a flag outside their home it means one of their loved ones is off serving at war. Give them a hug. Or chocolate. Or a monkey.

The more you know…

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  • Jude2727

    i sense a tattoo night coming 😉 

  • Kimberly

    Oh nice post Martha…I think that you just gave me inspiration for my unit newsletter submission. I’ve enjoyed reading what’s going on with ya:) That Bud just keeps growing….

  • I didn’t know about that! Hugs from Raleigh my friend.

  • Jessi

    i didn’t know that!  thanks for educating us 🙂

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