Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Metzlers yall! Bud and I woke up to an amazing email from Sam just reminding us what Easter is all about, our risen Lord. Sam pointed out how amazing it is that the tomb was empty and how incredible it must have been for his followers to have everything Christ had been saying finally make sense!

It was one of those weekends that flew by but I’m not quite sure why! We spent some time with family at the farm, visited the Easter Bunny (fail), took pictures outside, Bud opened his first easter basket, and went to church.

I hope you had an amazing weekend. We got to Skype with Sam today which always makes my soul sing. It was the first Easter in 7 years that I haven’t gotten to hunt down my hidden Easter basket from him. He started hiding easter baskets for me when we were dating and it became our tradition. I hope this is the last Easter we have to spend apart!

Bud's first Easter Basket! And an Easter present to me from my parents!


Off to Church!


in our Sunday best


look at these beautiful.... squirrel!

are these edible?

and after this i died of cute overload


my bunny


come home soon dada. when you leave, things like this happen


look at my little stud. bunny ears to match his bunny teeth


Are you ready for this next one? Are you sure? You might want to sit down…

As you can see, the easter bunny visit was a fail. and CPS was called because this poor child's mother was too busy laughing and taking pictures while he cried his eyes out. i can't wait to see how Santa goes....

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