I’m ridiculous

So, I just had to point out how ridiculous I am. Every since I realized how needy I am with recognition, I’m laughing all day today at things I used to want thanks for.

1. Putting clothes on that were clean. Really? Congrats Martha, you put your pants on, a well trained Labrador can do that.
2. My job. You know how they thank me for that? They pay me. Plus, I don’t remember anyone putting a gun to my head to make me take it.
3. Donating to a worthy cause. I actually want to punch my own face.
4. Cleaning the house. Lets be honest, I don’t do this often.
5. Cooking good meals. Sam always thanks me for this, even if its grilled cheese but I forget I like cooking. Why the heck should I be thanked for something I like to do? Do I try and make myself more noble than I am?
6. Volunteering. Again, I need another black eye courtesy of my right hook.
I’m laughing at myself because there’s no use in beating myself up again over this. I’m grateful I have a new perspective and transformation can start to happen because I’m ready to be changed.
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