Stylish Blogger Award

Before you think I got this because I’m stylish… my bulging pants fastened by a rubber band because I’m too cheap to buy maternity pants will show you otherwise. My friend Kate passed this along and the rules are if I tag you in it, you have to list 7 interesting things about yourself. You gotta do it or impending doom will strike your…err…. oh whatever, just do it ok?

1. I wish I was a rockstar in a little duo much like the Civil Wars but I don’t like staying up late sooo that’s always put a ripple in my dream.

2. I have been sky diving and bungee jumping but only loved sky diving.

3. My favorite thing to do is sit on the back porch when it’s warm outside with the hubby and eat supper with a giant Blue Moon with an orange slice of course.

4. I’m petrified of my kid hating me so I’m going to make he/she watch the Gilmore Girls and prove that kids and parents can be friends… which I realize is ridiculous since I wish I could ground Roy half the time he does anything stupid.

5. I’d love to have an old house that I fix up into a resting place for women to escape and come for counseling. I’d be there when people needed me to for counseling but otherwise, I’ll be on the back porch on a rocking chair to just rock with them as they decompress.

6. If there was such a thing as Candy Anonymous, I’d go. Hi my name is Martha and I’m a candyholic.

7. I think and will always think my hubby is the hottest man on the planet. He’s alll mine ladies 🙂

Now it’s your turn SUCKAAAAAS!

Ashley Merritt

My real life Pioneer Woman, Jude


Meredith McDaniel

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  • kate

    I miss beer…and warm sunny days. Let’s rendez-vous via phone July 1st and do those things.

  • yes, that does in fact read “suckass” 🙂
    1.You are a rock star.
    2.Are depends provided? That could be my deciding factor on either activity.
    4.your kids will LOVE and ADORE you.
    5. are you taking reservations?!?! i ? this idea!
    6. and carlye is your supplier 🙂
    7. i think that too, but about my Micah. If I thought it about Sam, this would be awkward. very awkward.