8 Months

Well Bud, you are a week shy of 9 months and I am just now posting your 8 month post! Blurgh. Oh well, such is life.

You are about 18 pounds and are 27.5 inches long! You have gotten your length from your daddy… hallelujah! I know I say this every month but you keep getting more and more fun. This 8th month has been so much fun. You love to giggle when I tickle your chunky thighs, blow raspberries on your belly and neck, tickle your toes, and play “corn on the cob” when I turn you sideways and pretend I’m eating you like you guessed it…. a corn on the cob. You think that’s hilarious.

You have these piercing blue eyes that everyone comments on. I’m sure they are going to knock some girls on their heels but you shall remain gentlemanly and pure or else I will lock you in your room and make you watch Steel Magnolias on repeat. Do they make chastity belts for boys?  The thought of you as a teenager makes my blood pressure go up. You have your 4 teeth, two top and two bottom. They are precious and you give the best smiles. You are still rocking some strawberry blonde hair like your mama, I hope it stays that way!

You have still been sitting like a champ and haven’t shown any interest in crawling or walking until today! Yes today, you were a wiggle worm on the floor! Every time you sat down, you’d push off with your legs and just sprawl out on your tummy. Once you figure out how to catch yourself and push up with your arms you will be my little mobile boy. I love how curious you are. Anything that is in arms reach, you want it PRONTO! And it normally ends up in your mouth.

You have officially discovered your voice. You squeal and squeal and squeal! It cracks up everyone in the room. It always happens when you get excited, especially when you see your Dada on the computer screen or your doggie Roy.  It honestly sounds like someone is blowing a whistle! Your Great Grandpa Bennett thought it was a whistle the first time you did it and he thinks its the funniest thing he’s ever heard. He always tries to get you to do it when he’s with you.

You are still eating like a champ and love your fruits and veggies. Sadly you are becoming less and less interested in nursing, but we’re going to keep it going until you’re 1 year old. I’ve been putting some pumped mlk in a sippy cup and you’ve been drinking that so well. I should have tried that earlier! Half of me can’t wait to have my body back and some freedom since you’re still on the bottle boycott but the other half of me will miss those times when I’m nursing you and its just you and me in a quiet room. I treasure those times so much.

I love you like crazy little boy and you bring me so much joy that it is genuinely hard to catch my breath sometimes.


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