You know how when Spring comes and everyone posts poems and pictures about new life? Well, this aint one of them.

I was on a run the other day through the neighborhood and noticed the trees were so gorgeous. I’m talking breathtaking. They were fully bloomed, living as they should: full of color, body, and life. I took it all in and admired it.

Then I passed another tree that hadn’t quite bloomed yet. It was still living, breathing, and a part of Spring. But, it wasn’t fully thriving. It stopped me in my tracks. I took a deep breath because I felt exactly like the tree.

Don’t lose hope on me, I have a point and its not completely depressing. You see, when my Sam is around, I feel completely bloomed. I feel full of color, body, and life. He makes me feel like its Spring every day.

Since he’s been gone, I feel like I’m not quite blooming yet. I’m still joyful, I still have a purpose, and I’m still a part of Spring… but I just haven’t quite burst full of life yet.

When his plane lands and he walks into that hanger, and I run towards that man…. every single fiber of my being will burst into color.  fully living. fully bloomed. 

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  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    I just cried.

    For a good reason.

    I know that feeling, and I’m so hopeful I will get it back again. 

    Until then… I keep praying 🙂 

    Spring will come again.

  • kristal varela

    oh what a day that will be. 

    what a beautiful picture of our heart’s longing and waiting to run into the arms of our Savior.  we are joyful, have purpose, but will not fully bloom until we are in his arms.  

    incredibly hard, painful, and not fully living…but there is promise.  a promise of sam’s return and the return of the One who gives us life.  thank you for sharing your difficult wait for the encouragement of us all.

  • Angela

    Wow. You couldn’t have said it more perfectly. Deployments suck, but life isn’t over. And homecomings are the best feeling ever.

  • Deana_vogt7

    Very well put, I know what you mean! Love you Hun and hang in there!

    • thanks girl, you too! bud and i pray for yall every night!