Steppin’ Out

On Saturday I went to a place called “Merlot and Van Gogh” in downtown Winston for my friend Liz’s birthday.  It was so fun! They rented the place out and you bring your own drinks and food while an art instructor is there to help you paint a fun painting while they supply the materials and space. It was a really fun night. I definitely will go there again… maybe my 30th birthday?

Here are some shots of the crew. A night full of painting, pizza, and wine… yes please!!

Why yes, I am laughing at my own painting. This is also when I yelled at Ashley for having a better painting than me.


the ladies!

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  • how fun! We have a place like that here called bottles and brushes and another called fear no easel…love them both!!! I havent been in a while though…maybe I need to plan a night out soon!! Love your outfit…looks like you had a blast!!!

  • Mallory

    STOP IT! Are you from Winston? That’s going to be some super small world stuff if you say yes.