This past week

I’m sorry I’m sort of dropping the ball on the blogging but honestly, it’s been for kinda awesome reasons. You see, I’ve been busy with keeping a child fed, rested, blah blah the past 8.5 months but there have only been a splattering of fun daytime activities to keep me busy this year while the hubby is at work and dealing with Bud’s naptime schedule (mainly thanks to my friends Katy R, Kim H and Meg S in Washington). Now that we are in NC, we are loving having some warm weather so that we can play with the little babies, soak in the sunshine Bud is getting to play in, and the activities like BABY SWIM CLASS that he’s getting to do. While I miss my hubbs every second of the day, being distracted and having fun is creating such a wonderful environment full of light during a dark time.

We’ve had fun cruisin’ in my dad’s mustang (sans Bud…I’m not that terrible of a mom), playing in the yard with Roy, roadtrips to Charlotte, and learning how to self-feed!

If you aren't smiling at this picture, I hate to inform you that you are dead inside.


Strike a pose Bud, you're twerkin it.


We love warm weather!! And no, I am not going to eat my son's face despite what this looks like. Or am I?


My laundry helper


My sweet friend Neely and her baby Thompson Claire. She made my ovaries twitch!


No big deal, just cruisin' through the country

Hope you had a great week!


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  • Kimberly Howell06

    Bud looks so happy to see some Carolina blue skies. Sandals?! Excuse me while I shiver.