One flew over the…

So, the dust is just now settling from the trip to NC. The boxes are unpacked, the boy is back on his sleep schedule, and Roy is feeling back to normal.

Bye Bye for now Washington!

How did the trip go?

Partyin' hard on the plane

Well, Bud did great as usual. We got a bulkhead seat on the long stretch and I freaked out the guy next to me when I pulled out my nursing cover so he asked to switch seats…. MORE ROOM! SCORE! I think I may use this as a strategy.. prey on the weirdly uncomfortable single dudes who freak out when there is a baby around so I can have more space. But he didn’t cry or fuss and had a great time looking around… and not napping at all. My boy is just too curious to sleep if there is anything going on around him. I got him to snooze a bit on our layover when I put the sleeping hood up on the Ergo (the God for that thing… for real) but then the mean gate attendant from Delta woke him up. It was then I realized I’m officially a grownup because instead of cussing him out (the pre-baby Martha might have done this) I said, “You know what sir, you are a mean person. Apparently you’ve had a crappy day but I’ve had one too… mainly because of you people but I’m going to walk away so I don’t lose my temper in front of my son.” Then I may have muttered something about him being a fartface… babysteps. Delta took my carry on because they said they didn’t have room but that I’d get it back right after the flight. Well I waited after the flight. And waited…. and waited. Finally I asked about it and they said, “Oh, they might have accidentally checked it and it’ll be waiting for you at baggage claim at your final destination.” Oh, no big deal. EXCEPT THAT IT HAD MY WALLET, MY FOOD, and THINGS I NEEDED! So I politely asked them to make an exception and let me get my bag since it was their mistake and I wasn’t sure if they noticed but this thing strapped to me wasn’t an adorable tumor, it was a baby and I clearly needed stuff in that bag. But, no. They didn’t and said, “You should have double checked with us before you let us take it. It’s YOUR bag after all.” You’re right Delta, it was my bag but you told me I’d get it back and I’ve learned from Snakes on a Plane that I shouldn’t argue with airline staff. But from now on I’ll assume you are all idiots and I’ll double check with you to make sure you don’t screw up doing your job. So I thanked God I put Bud’s food in the bag I did have with me and just prayed that I wouldn’t be too hungry on my 3 hour layover while nursing my son.

Oh, and did I mention when I picked Roy up out of his crate, he had a gash on his back and limped for 2 days?

DooDooPops came to get us at the airport!

But the good news is, we all got here safely and my dad brought me Chick-Fil-A to eat in the car. There’s not much Chick-Fil-A won’t fix.

I can’t tell you how big of a difference being somewhere sunny does for my spirit. I’m apparently solar-powered and have spent most of the days outside with Bud.


We’re already fitting back into our routine and Bud has his first “Mommy & Me” swim class tonight (aka Moms watching their babies splash in adorable bathing suits). So if you need me, I’ll probably be in a coma from all the cuteness that’s going to happen tonight.

Also- do yall mind taking just 2 seconds to click this link and vote for me? I’ve fallen behind and I’d love to get back to where I was so maybe I can offer yall some giveaways!

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  • Kate@Daffodils

    Sorry the trip was tough, but Im glad/jealous you are back in NC. Take lots of pictures of sunshine and spring and your wearing dresses/flipflops so I can pretend like I am there with you!

  • Tove

    Yay! Welcome home 🙂 Not sure where you guys are staying at but if you ever need some adult interaction, I’m home with my little one. The base in Goldsboro has a beautiful walking trail. I’m sure the grandparents are ecstatic to have you back!

  • What horrible airplane people, have they no sympathy?? I am so so SO jealous that you are getting some light on your skin…i’m dying for some sun. How long will you be in NC?

  • SO glad you are here! And so sorry for all the travel woes. Poor Roy! Glad you got some chicken tho cuz I was about ta say….

  • Kimberly H

    Ohhhhh my..lanta, Martha! I’m heated up for you. I need to calm down. Yay for Chick-Fil-A and sunshine. Hmmm I need to book my ticket.