The worst blogger ever

Hey yall! I’m the worst blogger ever. But, I made it safely to NC and have been getting settled! I finally finished unpacking boxes and have been soaking up some sunshine with my family and friends. Bud was a champ flying and Delta did nothing but enhance my hatred for them. I’ll explain later but I will not be flying with them on the way back that’s for dang sure! We’ve had a hilarious time dealing with the time change ON TOP OF daylight savings time. But Bud is back to sleeping through the night and is loving his busy days.

I can tell such a change in my spirit AND his as we are filling up our days with laughter, sunshine, and feeling the grass in between our toes.  Here is a quick shot of him from yesterday after he got back from a walk outside in the sun.

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  • Delta does nothing for me either except bring out the hate. Glad y’all are enjoying some family time and the sleep schedule is back to normal!! 🙂

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    SUN! A new concept for a pacific northwest baby, haha. Lucky boy. Not that it was raining sideways here today or anything… I was forced to battle it with an extra chocolatey mocha with whipped cream 🙂

    Keep having fun girl! Soak up the sun for all of us back here!