This Week

Hey yall! This week is a busy one for us. We are packing and getting ready for a little trip to ole NC! The house is too damn quiet around here without my man so we’re headed east to be with family for a bit. Here are some glimpses into our life this week. We’ve had a really fun and exhausting week. Laughing and dancing around the living room, surviving our first night terror from little Bud, and brunch/playdate with some sweet friends. Life is good people, I’m going to enjoy it.

a boy and his dog

he thinks my eye mask is HILARIOUS


not too bad to wake up to in the morning... despite a rough night full of night terrors 🙁


this is what happens when i try and get him to crawl....


roy has a hard life




adorable boys

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  • Bud’s 2 little teefs in the very front make my heart melt. i love those! i’m starting to think it’s a sign…north carolina is all around me and i’m just dying to pick up and start anew. i think the Seattle weather is finally taking its toll on me after living here my entire life…

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    In that photo of him “crawling”… is he growling at you? In any case, that’s the cutest.