7 Months

As usual, I’m a couple weeks late on this post but eh, it’s just tradition at this point.

My little Bud,

You are 7 months old! How did that happen!? You are getting funnier and funnier every day. Your facial expressions have your daddy and me cracking up constantly. You love to sing and squeal a bunch of nonsense words although I’m sure they mean something to you. You have 4 teeth at this point! Two top and two bottom. Your dad would like to apologize that you got his gap teeth on the top. I had no idea how much your dad hated his teeth until yours came in and that’s all I hear about 😉 So, I’m not joking when I say that he has apologized to you a million times. I think you look perfect (I will not be saying that when you try out a goatee in your 20s… just sayin’).

You are still sitting up like a champ but don’t really understand how to catch yourself yet so we’ve had a few falls that make you a bit grumpy when I don’t get there in time. But you are a tough little man. You have gotten over your “I’m going to freak out when mama leaves the room” phase so that’s awesome. I love hearing you play independently while I wash dishes/cook/put my makeup on. You are showing zero interest in crawling so we’ll just have to see when that milestone happens!

My favorite thing you do is dance! Any time you hear music whether its from my ipod or one of your toys, you start to rock back and forth and bob your head. It’s adorable and we have a great time having dance parties together in the living room.

My least favorite thing you do is freak out in the carseat. You used to LOVE the car seat my little crazy child. Now, all of a sudden you HATE it. As soon as we start driving you start whining and crying away. We have “car cookies” when I give you a Mum Mum to eat and that’s the only thing that keeps you quiet… of course, I’m resorting to the things that I said I’d NEVER do but that’s motherhood right? I think there is a tiny little corner of hell devoted to really bad people where the devil makes them sit in a car with a screaming baby. It’s torture.

You are still eating like a champ, I love it!! We sit at the table together and you love sweet potatoes, peas, mo-meal, squash, pears, mangos, apples, peaches, yogurt, bananas, and avocado. While I couldn’t get you to drink water from any sippy cup, bottle, or straw you somehow decided that you are going to drink your water from a Camelbak water bottle! I kid you not, you chose the most complicated drinking device and you house some water from that. So I ordered you your own little Camelbak bottle with spaceships on it. It’s your new favorite possession.

This month had its ups and a down as your Daddy left for Afghanistan to fight some bad guys. I can’t wait for him to tell you all his stories and I know you are so proud to have him as your daddy because he works so hard for us and our safety. I can tell you miss him but you get the biggest smile on your face when we see his face on Skype or in pictures. It makes my heart so happy that you love your Dada so much.

I love you little man, to the moon and back and I’m so glad God chose me to be your mama.

Why yes, that is an amber teething necklace around his ANKLE! #neckfat


What the? This is a sticker?


This is what happens when your baby realizes that something is detachable….

Now you see the sticker....



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  • Olga Pisarskiy

     It’s good to hear that the phase of “Im going to freak out when momma leaves the room” actually ends.  Because Ian is ridiculous about it.  He could be totally happy and playing, as soon as I walk away even two feet, he starts “FREAKING OUT”.  As always Bud is a handsome little guy! Glad to see him growing and happy!

  • Happy 7 months! Yes, car rides with screaming small people is right up there with the sleepless newborn nights and teething in that fun little circle of hell. Good luck! 🙂

  • Kimberly Howell

    Bud, you are getting cuter every month. Ha, glad you found that teething braclet. I believe it went into a basket in your closet when my daugher thought it looked neat, along with your vitamins!

  • Ekmiracle

    Oh, he is the cutest little guy! And babies crying in the car is TORTURE! My new mantra is, “I was the perfect parent until I had kids;)!” I am always doing things I swore I would never do! No worries, mum mums in the car are harmless. 

  • Legs! I love em. I can’t believe these boys are 7 months! Also, Cal still has to sit supported due to the ol noggin. Oscar asked if Calvin’s head is big and makes him fall down. I almost gently reminded him that they ARE brothers, but that would have turned into a never ending q/a about genetics with a 3 year old. Trust me, it never ends well 😉 

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