A big THANK YOU and Livin’ the Dream Week 7

I can’t thank you enough for all of your comments of encouragement, prayers, and support. It means the world to my family. For real, I read those this weekend when I was feeling sad and I felt so surrounded so thank you, thank you, thank you.

NOW, for Week 6 our challenge was to create something. I created some Valentine’s Day chocolate cupcakes for my valentine (he ate 2, I ate the rest) AND I made a collage of ole Bud and mod podged them onto a journal. This year I’m going to keep track of the things I create in this little journal whether its a picture of a craft or a song lyric. That way I’ll have a whole book to keep me accountable and encouraged to keep creating! That way I will mean what I said in this post!

Week 7 Challenge is to take the time to WRITE DOWN something you’re grateful for that happens in the everyday-ness  (it’s a word) of your life.  If you have a blog, just do a little post of something you are grateful for and link up! If you don’t have a blog, you can leave it in the comments section. If you hate blogs and only read this because I guilt tripped you or you have a thing for seeing me in unitards, then well… FINE BE THAT WAY!


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  • Deana_vogt7

    Oh I totally should have taken you up on one of those cupcakes! They look so delicious! I’ll never make that mistake again. Hugs and love!