Would you like some bacon with your scrambled brains?

I promised myself I wouldn’t fly through January. This is the last month that the hubby will be in the house we live in now. Hold please, I need to breathe.

Ok, I’m back. So I promised myself I’d really soak in January but it is already the second week?! Are you kidding me? I keep thinking that it’ll slow down enough for me to accomplish the things that I need to accomplish but I just don’t think that happens in real life. So, I’m just taking it a day at a time. I realized that whether or not I have my “to do list” done by February 5, that day is still going to come.

We have some amazing things coming up to savor Sam’s last days in NC. We’re headed to the snowy mountains this weekend with some great friends, next weekend we are going quail hunting with my dad, and our last weekend we are going on a romantic trip to Chapel Hill to do all of things we used to do when we dated. (And yes, I even pondered trying to break into the house I used to live in college and make out on the couch… but I won’t. Or will I…MUAHAHA)

But in the midst of all of this, I think the biggest thing I’m grateful for is that I’m not on sinking sand. A lot of things are changing in my life… including the size of my rear… but I worship a God who is so constant and unchanging that when I dwell on Him, life slows down a bit. I was given an image this morning. I got swept up in the details of the move and the baby to the point that the room felt like it was spinning. But I pushed my chair back, put my head in my hands and asked for the Lord’s presence. The image that I got was that the room kept spinning, but I was being held still, in Peace’s arms, I was being held.

I hope that you feel held today. I hope you feel peace today. Sometimes it rushes over us but most of the time, we have to seek it.

 The hubby and I seeking peace. This makes my heart happy. I’m so blessed to have a partner who stirs up an
adventurous spirit in me but also joins me in times of peace.


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  • Poots

    Oh Mart! I love this post! Thank you for speaking the truth. Your words spoke to me today. I love you.

    BTW, I totally think you should break into McCauley and do the deed on the couch! Go all the way or go home! That’s right, I said it!