Livin’ the Dream Week 5

Hope yall had a great weekend! We had a very chill weekend of playing with distracting Bud from his teething pain and watching Friday Night Lights while he napped. It was a very productive weekend…. SIKE. Sometimes you gotta embrace being a bum.

I hope yall had fun with Week 4 Challenge. I made cookies for our new next door neighbors that I hadn’t met yet. You see, our old neighbors, Aaron and Deana had become our really close friends and then they decided to abandon us for some “calling” for Aaron to go to Afghanistan and Deana to have her baby at her sister’s house so she could be with family or some crap like that. I told them that my dependence on them for my social life should trump getting deployed or living with their sister and they should go AWOL and hang out in my house. But, for some reason they voted against my plan. So I have been in denial that we have new neighbors and mutter things like, “You’ll never be Aaron and Deana” when I walk past their house. Then I realized that wasn’t very Christian or rational so I made them cookies.

I took them over with a little note welcoming them to the neighborhood with my number on it just in case they ever needed anything. They were nice and grateful but note to self, don’t take cookies to your new neighbors who are huge 49ers fans towards the end of the 49er/Giants game.  Lets just say the conversation was short.

So anyways, on to Week 5 Challenge!

Write someone a note. No, not a Facebook wall post. No, not an email. No, not a Twitter message. But an actual, tangible, handwritten note. It can be full of inside jokes, meaningful unsaid appreciation, a heartfelt apology for something that has been weighing on your heart, or just a “thinking of you because you are the rope to my nerds”… or something really poetic like that. So, there you have it. Week 5 Challenge of Livin’ the Dream is to bring some happiness into someone’s mailbox.

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  • Deana

    Oh my goodness you are soooo funny!!! I’m still sorry we left the best neighbors ever!! I totally would have been ok with us going AWOL, but Aaron decided he has to do his job. So overrated haha. Love you!

  • Kimberly

    Martha, will do! There are so many people that I could write notes to!

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