Friday Focus

Yall- I have it pretty damn good. Sometimes when I’m sleep-deprived and my shirts won’t fit over my chest region  and I can’t tell if the little white round balls on me are boogers or oatmeal, everything can seem like a mountain when really its just a mole hill. So today, on this beautiful day, I’m focusing on the amazing things I have in my life and sitting on top of the mole hill…. see what I did there?  Here are some snapshots. I hope yall have an amazing weekend and brace yourself, IT IS SUNNY HERE! It’s about to get real up in here…. we are actually going to go outside!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful


Best buds


Watch me spit game on my girl


Girll the back of your head is ridiculous!


Care package from my girly Neely... best package ever (I feel like you should be proud of me for not making an inappropriate joke about packages... but I am snickering and you can't do anything to stop me!)


Then Bud took the package from me


...and this happened


Zerberts from Dada are my fav


Watching the Tarheels with Dada


Outside our window in the mornings... can't complain. I have strategically positioned Bud's changing table under this window. The pee and poop all over me aint got nothing on this.

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  • Gorgeous sunset. I love Raineer.

    • It definitely makes my mornings a bit better seeing that giant mountain!