What are you laughing at?!

Everything I tell you… everything. Bud got his 6 month vaccinations on Monday morning. I always dread it, clearly. But this time was worse. Like…. screaming bloody murder in the doctor’s office worse. I tried nursing and running into an empty room to try and calm my boy down but all he wanted to do was look at me with his teary eyes and scream, “THAT DAMN NURSE POKED ME AND NOT IN THE WAY WEIRD PEOPLE DO ON FACEBOOK!”

This continued off and on until 3am this morning. Bud is not a fussy baby, he is my happy boy. Plus, I’m known for my excellent timing so lets add his top tooth coming in to this party. So to have 2 days of whining and crying just broke my heart. We coped with some warm baths, cold teething rings, snuggles, tylenol and motrin, and lots of dancing in front of the mirror (i just do it for fun)… and wine for Mama.

You see, I’ve realized when things get crazy with Bud I immediately go into problem solving mode. I start searching through Babycenter.com, texting mama friends, harassing my friend Ashley who is a ped nurse, and praying like a mad woman. But I realized that while certain baby ailments can be solved, some just can’t. He is a tiny human who might just be having a shitty day like everyone else. I have to reach into my mama gut and if he’s fed, changed, comfortable, no fever, and not in pain then I need to just chill out and wrap my arms around his sweet little body and love the heck out of him. Because that’s my joy and my job…to love my little dude. However, by the end of the day I had reached my limit of normal coping mechanisms so I officially decided that I needed to donkey punch the fussiness out of our life.

Like any normal adult, I decided to do aerobics in a costume while Bud was taking his nap. What?

Totally normal


A few things that I’m sure are concerning you; yes I have lost my damn mind, yes no self-timed shot can take place on this blog without Roy’s face in it, and no it is none of your concern where I got a neon blue unitard.

Now… this is not the first time that I have decided to look like an idiot whilst working out. (See the short idiot on the right in the video) But come on, how can you get pissy when you’re wearing a unitard and doing the grapevine? Sometimes being a good mom means making an idiot out of yourself to make your kid laugh. But even more often, being a good person and keeping your sanity means making an idiot out of yourself to make yourself laugh.



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  • Deana Dunlap

    Oh my gosh Martha, I miss you!! I can always count on getting a great laugh when I really need one like from today’s blog. You’re great!

    • just be glad you aren’t still living next door and having to see me through the windows 😉

      • Deana

        haha I would have just come over and joined you!

  • Daron

    Last year we lived with a GSP. So every picture of Roy makes me smile at that crazy breed of dog. Love that picture for the laughter AND that smokin’ hot bod! Check you out mama!
    Someday when we’re down that way I’d love to grab a coffee/tea/wine/marg with you.
    Love the blog, always makes me smile 🙂

    • i would LOVE LOVE it if you were down this way! perhaps we could eve meet in tacoma!

  • Abby Wilkerson

    I think the best part of this pictures is not the old school spandex that you’re so clearly rocking, but Roy photobombing you.

  • Katy

    Can you please memorize the choreography from Napolean Dynamite and then come perform it for me. K. Thanks.

  • Whitney

    Lord have mercy!

  • How do you just HAVE a unitard like that?! AMAZING! Hope little bud feels better soon!

    • i have my ways 🙂 thanks he’s feeling much better this afternoon!

  • ashley

    i’m confused why you shut the blinds when you do your unitard aerobics workout?

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