Yall it’s gotten cray cray around here. Snow has turned to ice and the power is out everywhere! We prayed like crazy all day and all night and thank the Lord we still have power. It kept flickering off and on but came back after a minute each time. Half of neighborhood (not an exaggeration) doesn’t have it so we know its a huge blessing that we’re able to keep our little family warm. We have an open house and Sam almost went on a little rescue mission last night for a friend but she got her gas logs to work. It’s nuts yall! We have our flashlights ready, hotel numbers in our fully charged phones just in case, and warm outfits and blankets for Bud. I’m having faith we won’t need it and our power stays on.

Good news is we got some good play time in with Bud before the snow turned into ice. Pray our area gets the power back on soon! No heat + freezing temps = cold families which is no good at all. If anyone in the Dupont area reads this and needs a warm place to come, shoot me an email:







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  • Glad you guys got through okay. We were lucky enough to not lose power either, thankfully. I was home with both my boys all week while my husband had to brave the weather and work all week. What craziness! Oh, and your little guy in a snow suit is just too adorable!

  • Kim

    Thanks for housing me friend. During the next year I may randomly pretend that my power is out so I can live with other adults.

  • Deana Dunlap

    I can’t believe you got so much snow!! Glad your power stayed on 🙂 It’s late so I’ll call you back tomorrow 🙂