6 Months

My sweet Bud is 6 months old! There have been so many fun things happening this month. So here are some stats for my boy.

Sweet Bud, you popped your first 2 teeth! You have adorable bottom teeth and while you are drool machine and were a bit fussy when they were coming in, you still have been such a happy baby. You weigh almost 17 pounds and are 27.5 inches long. You still have a huge dome-piece and are in the 75% for head size… way to go pal. You are also sitting up all on your own like a champ. Still no signs of pulling up or crawling but you love just sitting and playing with your toys. You have officially developed a sense of independence and we’re seeing your personality coming out. You don’t like it when Mama leaves the room and will just whine away until I come back. You also showed your first sign of the “gimme tude” I call it. I took away one of your toys the other day because you kept hitting yourself in the face (genius child) and you looked at me with the biggest stink eye and just started crying away. Oh great, this shiz has officially started. You are nursing every 4 hours, eating 3 little meals, and sleeping 12 hours. Oh 6 months, I am a fan. You are such a chill and happy baby but the only times you decide to do your best Gary Busey impression is when I turn the blender or vacuum on.

You have totally stolen your daddy’s and my heart and we are completely smitten. We could just stare at your sweet little blue eyes and rub your sweet little round head for hours. We will deny it to your face when you are 15 and trying to sneak out of the house and drink Busch Light and smoke cloves but right now, we think you are kinda perfect.

I mean, how could you NOT stare at these eyes forever?!


Oh no big deal, just sittin here




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  • holly redding!

    martha b. seriously. you MUST have the most handsome baby around. i mean. really. also i miss your face!

  • Deana Dunlap

    Oh my gosh he is soo stinking cute and getting big!! I can’t wait till he gets to meet baby Ben! I love that last picture he is doing that shooter thing again 🙂

  • Gammy

    Oh Martha……..oh Martha. How precious.

  • He is quite the handsome little man isn’t he?

    • totally melts my heart! we need to set up our little ones on their first date 😉