Holy To-Do List Batman!

So, 2011 will be a big year for our family. We know this and trust the Lord that all of the details will be worked out, our hearts will remain connected to Him and to each other, and we won’t be consumed with stress.

That being said, today was the Monday of all Mondays. I decided to make a list of things that needed to be done in the next few months. Please don’t laugh at me when you see me and there is a giant welt on my forehead from where I slammed my head on my desk. Or if you pass me on the highway with a sign that says, “Will work for massage and hot bubble bath.”  

I trust that the Lord is my Provider and don’t mistake my planning for trying to control things. He designed me to organize what needs to get done.  He gave us brains people, let use them shall we? I don’t want to be caught unprepared in a way that makes things really hard on my family. I do that enough when I think it’s hilarious to wrap a rubberband around the nozzle on the sink and wait to see my husband get covered in water. MUAHA… yeah it’s still funny.

We will be moving across the country to Fort Lewis in Washington in the Spring. Sam leaves February 5th for basic training with the Army JAG Corps.  He gets finished June 17 with training and will join me in Washington… a week before my due date. That’s right folks, this mother hen is growing a little chick. I’ll head out to Washington in May by plane or car with the dog to move us into a new house, meet a new doctor, and oh yeah… cross my legs until my hubby gets out there. Crossing your legs works right?  

So you can see how a list is helpful to me eh? (I’m practicing my Canadian in case I want to drive up to Vancouver while I’m the big traveler). I’m keeping a sense of humor through it all and can just laugh at how every time I go to visit sweet hubby at training I will be bigger… and bigger… and bigger.

I will need you my sweet bloggin’ pals to make me laugh, remind me that God is in control, and that you’ll come to visit in good ole Washington!

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  • Regan

    Ha! Love the pic.
    Congratulations! When’s your due date?
    (Mine is July 9th) 🙂 We’re preggers together! Yay!
    Don’t stress, it’ll all get done and you will do it well.
    Miss you!

    • Martha

      Yay Regan!!! That’s awesome news! My due date is June 25. I’ll definitely be making a trip to Raleigh before we head out and I’d love to see you! I’ll give you notice so I can pick up my 2 favorite necklaces from you 😉

  • sandy

    ok, who took the pic? Too funny! You are such a grand organizer! You will do it!

  • The “buy candy” is my favorite post it note 🙂

  • skr

    holy love you batman. even if its from afar. 🙂 loving on you and praying for you from here. (but secretly hoping i’ll see you soon…)

  • stacy gunter

    there is a fabulous birth center in bellingham, wa if you are anywhere near it.