Best long weekend EVER

Yall we have like 12 inches of snow outside right now. IT IS AWESOME! Not only because I love snow because it ultimately means I will be eating my weight in snow cream but also because it means my Bud will look like an adorable marshmallow in his snow outfit. We had the greatest weekend together filled with a date night to an AMAZING french restaurant, a night out with some friends, and some time playing together as a family. We spent our mornings in PJs and playing music together while Bud just stared at us with his big ol’ heartmelting blue eyes. We have been so blessed that Sam and I just sit back and feel like we’re drowning in Grace.

Music time in the mornings


Date Night!

imma put dis rattle up in my mouf

my snow dude


my snow dudes


cute photo idea FAIL... daddy had to do some giant head catching


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  • Whitney

    Bud looks so precious in his snow suit!

  • Gammy

    So many great photos here! Wow on your date pic; Bud sitting inside the snow heart; Bud sitting alone period!; and the smile on Sam’s face as he is holding Bud…….well, all good stuff!
    Miss you even more……

  • thanks mooom. we miss you too!