Week 3 of Livin’ the Dream

I’ve heard from some of you about donations you’ve made from Week 2 Challenge and its brought a giant smile to my face. The whole point of this challenge and my heart behind it was to bring a bit of spice to my life and hopefully to others’ lives as well. I wanted to show people the joy that can exist in life, we just need to pursue it! Plus, lets be honest, sometimes going from working full time and then going to mommyhood full time can be an adjustment. I didn’t want to lose my spirit or my drive for a others outside of our home. I know my most important ministry right now is with Bud and showing him what Love and Grace looks like. But I think a lot of that lesson will be showing him that we are supposed to love others, our neighbors, and everyone we pass on the street.

Now, I’m inching us all into this year-long challenge. SO, this week’s challenge is to get rid of all of your belongings, live on the street, and give everything to the poor. What? Too soon? I kid, I kid. This week’s challenge is to “buy one, give one free”. Worst deal ever? Maybe for you but not for the person behind you in line. Let me explain. Whether you are in line at Starbucks or your neighborhood coffee shop, Subway or sandwich shop, or even the movie theatre… buy your coffee/sandwich/ticket but then pay for another one. Tell the guy at the counter that you’d like to purchase _______ for whoever comes in line next.  It’s that easy. You’ll be seriously making someone’s day and who knows, maybe inspiring them to do the same, and the next person, and the next (you get the idea). So lets do it folks, lets buy one and give one free!

Here is the picture of stuff I got rid of last week. I gave those extra diapers away, went through my closet and Bud’s toy chest and got rid of some things that could really help a brotha out. I even added 2 more coats to the coat bag this week!

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  • I gave our library two books that I read over Christmas 🙂 The librarian and I best friends. Cullen calls her ‘library grandma’. Can you move to Monterey now? PS. I ehart Bud, he looks like the best helper!