Have you seen this?

Put down your swords, let your walls fall down, take a breath and watch this with an open heart and open ears.

*Disclaimer: Please don’t let the first few sentences turn you off no matter where you stand politically. It’s not a political video, it is a video about faith. There are plenty of religious and non-religious democrats AND republicans. However, the duck-billed platypus is always religious… self-righteous creature.

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  • Lindsey

    I loved this video. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Jesus wouldn’t have been a political man. His love transcends the ballots. Found your blog through a friend — Lorin VanZandt — and think it’s just precious! You are hilarious and honest and I love the combination! Keep it up! Also, totally random, but I saw this today online and thought, this is something I would find on Martha’s blog, haha http://www.thedailybuzz.com.au/2011/11/25-clever-ideas_household-tips_storage-ideas/#.Tw9RfHg3ozJ.facebook

    • Thanks Lindsey! I love that- “his love transcends the ballots”. Good wisdom sister.

  • this is so incredible! love it. I hope we can watch this at church.

    • it’d be a perfect kick in the rear for a church to watch, hope it makes a difference!

  • Tiffany

    Love it!! I hope this goes even more viral and the whole world sees it!

  • LOVE this! thanks for sharing! love your blog. would love to email you? what is your email? 🙂

  • Found your blog through a fellow Army friend…
    Thank you for sharing this! I saw it all over Facebook, but I never watched it because people tend to overshare on FB. Thought it was legit when I saw it on your blog 🙂
    I think every Christian needs to see this! And watching it in church would be a plus.

  • jan

    Wow! This guy’s so on target in much of what he says! But I have to say, many churches are out there feeding the hungry, working with the single moms, and other things….it’s just not publicized. I plan to share this with our church. Thanks, Martha

  • Oh, this just blew my mind. There are no other words to describe that!