Tuesday morning around 3am I woke up with a stomach bug. I’ve been stationed on the couch with a fever since then. Besides the couch, I’ve been spending a lot of intimate time in the bathroom. It’s great, especially having to drink Pedialyte… which I now refer to as Pediabiteme. My mother came by today and as I was writhing in self-pity and pain, she said something simple.

“It makes you realize how much you take for granted being well.”

When I’m well, why do I dread going for a run or cooking a nice meal? As soon as I pry myself off of the couch, I’m going to stop taking for granted feeling well.
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  • Pam Shaffer

    I love your ability to make up words. Pediabiteme is amazing.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Paige

    Sorry you feel so terrible! This year I got something that had me on the floor moaning for three days. Not fun.

    Congrats on Sam's JAG deal as well. It sounds like you two are headed for some good adventures.

  • Anonymous

    I was sick yesterday too. 🙁 But I am back at work now pretending not to be. I work in a cubicle, kinda hard to hide.
    Andrea Howell

  • Anonymous

    you're so ungrateful.