We need your help yall!

As some of you may know, my hottie hubby will be leaving in February for around 4 months for basic training with the Army JAG. We want to go on a weekend romantic getaway since we’ll be moving as soon as he gets back and he’ll start work.

SO we want some input! Here are some of the limitations:

– we have my christmas bonus to use but we don’t have a whole lot of dough to spend

– somewhere we can travel for the weekend, so nowhere super far away

– did i mention romantic? so leave your Dollywood suggestions at home

– it will be January, keep weather in mind

So where are some of the places you have gone and loved? Or read about or wanted to try? Bring on the suggestions!

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  • ashley

    jackson hole.

  • Heather

    atlanta! 🙂 won’t that just be oh so romantic!!! haha…but seriously, the Blue Ridge Mountains in North GA have super cozy cottages!

  • Melinie

    I am always a fan of NC beaches or the Outer Banks. I am a beach bum at heart so that is always my first pick. Is NY too far away? Lots of fun romantic places up here but I don’t know about the weather 🙂

  • kate

    Charleston or Savannah!