I’ve been reflecting a lot at the power God has to reach into our hearts and transform even the coldest ones. Four years ago Sam started talking about joining JAG corps with the Army. Between tears, curse words, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”s, Sam and I have tried to have conversations about this throughout the years. About a year and a half ago, I realized this was no longer a macho phase, he was serious and felt it was his calling. Over the four years I felt my thoughts were better than his and kept yelling, “PRAY ABOUT IT!” Finally, sweet Sam very slowly and southernly said, “YOU PRAY ABOUT IT!”

So I did. God transformed my heart almost immediately. As soon as I unclenched my fist, I stopped letting fear of the unknown dictate our future. Peace and dare I say, even excitement rushed over me. My marriage was deeper, my relationship with God was deeper. I listened instead of talking at God. I stopped letting my stubborn plans of what I thought our life should look like dictate our life.
Sam was accepted into the JAG corp this weekend. 5,000 people applied and they accepted less than 100. They only accepted 3 people in NC. My hottie was one of them! I’m so proud of him I can’t stand it. Now, we have an adventure ahead of us that causes us to lean on each other and God. I wouldn’t have been able to experience this joy and see the joy in Sam’s face and hear it in his voice if I hadn’t opened my mind and heart to what God had to say and the transformation He wanted to work in me.
What if we stopped thinking our way was better or stopped talking at God long enough to listen to what He has to say? Why stop there- how much are our plans getting in the way of new adventures?
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  • Pam Shaffer

    I'm very excited to see where God leads you and Sam – though I'd like to meet Sam before God whisks you two away.

    Keep writing – you're inspiring.

  • anna

    yes. need to hear that one. congratulations!!

  • Olga

    Martha you are such an amazing lady, I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable and share life with others.

  • Joy Snyder

    Congratulations to Sam and to you for being willing to have God change your heart. How hard that can be…I'm sorry I missed seeing you over NewYear's. <3

  • amy free

    Okay so I just came across your blog and have been officially sucked in! You are awesome miss Martha.