2 Things… one important, one not so important

First let me get the not-so-serious thing off my chest.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?! While completely devoted to my hubbs, why do I want to kiss both of these people on the mouth?


Second thing, I know I’m like the 234,908,346 billionth mom to blog about this today but get over it because I gotsta summin’ to say.

An article about a breastfeeding mama in Target came out today.

So we were all in the living room at my parents’ house the other night and it was time for Bud to eat. So, I sat in a corner and fed him and draped his burp cloth over me to not show too much. My family asked me how nursing was going and I told them it was going great but I wish that our world didn’t view my boobs as something sexual. First off, they are MINE… so where does society get off saying they are just for sexual pleasure?! Secondly, milk comes out of them like they are Super Soakers nowadays. So joke is on YOU society because nothing says sexy like milk flying out of my hooters.  Before I had Bud I didn’t give nursing much thought to be honest. It never offended me when my friends would nurse in front of me or when I saw it happening in public. I figured a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do. And you know what?! We do! When my baby is hungry, I am going to feed him.  Milk comes in for a reason… and its not for my cereal. 

So this poor mom was in Target with a hungry baby and had a God-given way to remedy the situation. And she was wearing a cover for cryin’ out loud. She was going above and beyond politely nursing her hungry child. I have been in public before when Bud has needed to eat. At first, I used to try and sit on a toilet and hide but 2 things happened: I could only picture the poop particles that float around when someone flushes and oh yeah, I found out my son is terrifed of flushing toilets.

So if this happens to me I’ve decided to do one of the following:

1. Follow the Target employee around with my screaming child next to their ear. I bet they will be begging me to nurse him after 2 minutes.

2. Throw a dirty diaper at them.

3. Start telling them all of the things that I think are “offensive” and ask them to eliminate them from the Target stores. For example- mullets, capri pants, jorts, mini skirts worn with Uggs when its 20 degrees outside, giant fake nails with butterflies airbrushed on them, puppy purses, tights worn as pants, and sugar-free candy.

Have yall seen this article? What are your thoughts?

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  • Meg Lybrand

    thank you for everything about this post, martha. and especially for the way i am laughing as i re-read this to brett. also–i REALLY mean this–bud is ABSOLUTELY the cutest little boy i have seen–those EYES are fabulous! hope y’all are having a great christmas. 🙂

  • Wow, I can’t believe that people are so ridiculous about breastfeeding! I like your comebacks for if it happens to you. I haven’t had too many instances where I’ve even had to feed my boys in public, but I sure as hell will do it whenever and wherever. And am I the only person that can’t seem to manage to breastfeed with one of those cover thingies on?! I’m such a spaz with it.

    • oh my gracious i hate those things! i call it the “hooter hider” and i seriously look like i’m having a seizure everytime i’m using it b/c i have to keep swatting it away from his face so I can see him!

  • I’m with you!! Babies need to eat and there is no reason they should be denied the boob, even if you are out in public. Target peeps should seriously look at who else is in their store offending people in much worse ways {i.e., all the examples you gave}, gross. I always had to feed Sky in the car vs. the store because I needed lots of pillows to keep him propped up right. I wasn’t one of those moms that could just whip it out because my boobs are small. :\ PS – I’m in love with Zooey.

  • Ashley

    I’m definitely sending this entry to my sister, who’s currently breastfeeding my 6-week-old nephew.

  • Katy

    Ahhh… Flesh colored tights worms as pants…. Gets me every time!

  • I remembered this post and thought I would let you know whats about to go down in the city of Goldsboro: my sister’s sister-in-law’s Gold’s gym membership was revoked by the manager because she refused to breastfeed her baby in the bathroom or her car INSTEAD of in the nursery. Those dummies should have read their own policy and state law because WRAL is about to come knocking.
     BAHAHAHA This whole subject gets me really zealous because I nursed both of my daughters, one of them for (17 months) but what is wrong with our culture?!!!! They want to shame women for doing what is best for their child but yet there is no problem with women showing their goods in a different context.