Merry Merry and all that good stuff

Alright yall, we board a plane in the wee hours of the morn tomorrow for North Carolina! We are very excited to be home for the holidays but I won’t lie, I’m dreading the toll that traveling always takes on my Bud’s sleep schedule. But I know it’ll be worth it as I’m snuggled by my parent’s crackling fire and shoving peanut butter balls in my mouth (*censored inappropriate joke here) and watching Bud’s eyes light up at all the Christmas wonderment that my mom always has around the house. Seriously, her house always looks like a Christmas wonderland every year, she’s amazing. He’ll get to spend the holidays with both sets of grandparents and I have no doubt he’ll get lots of spoilin’… and that’s fine by me.

I’ll probably be MIA for the next week as we soak up all the family time so here are some shots from this week. Have an amazing holiday and may you find the Joy that is designed to overwhelm you my friends.

I told you awhile ago that Sam has started brewing his own beer. It’s done! Well.. almost. We bottled it and we have to wait for it to do its magic and then we shall drink!!

I went to a cookie exchange with some fellow JAG wives and I made these adorable little dudes. Just melt a ridiculous amount of white chocolate, dip some NutterButters in it, and then decorate with chocolate and orange icing! GET IN MY MOUTH SNOWMAN!

There is a little sneak peak into a Christmas craft Bud and I did one day. I’ll show the final product after my family members cry with glee at the glorious gift we shall bestow upon them.

Remember when I used to be smart before I had a baby? Well, I had grand ideas of putting Bud’s handprint on some ornaments for people. So I ordered some ornaments that I thought were the appropriate size. Looks like Martha mixed up CIRCUMFERENCE and DIAMETER… oops. The damn ornaments came and were the size of my head. Needless to say the ornament craft was thrown out the window.

And finally, our beloved Tarheels have been playing this week and Bud got to watch the game with his Dada… and Roy joined in of course. All my boys in one place makes me a happy lady.

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  • Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! Hope you have a wonderful time in NC – those snowman cookies look amazing and that ornament ball is hilarious. That’s something I would totally do. đŸ™‚

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