Saint Folly

Yall- I have to brag on my sister-in-law, Lauren. The girl is AMAZING! She started her own illustration and paper goods company called Saint Folly. I have been SO blessed to be the ever so greedy recipient of several of her pieces.

First, she designed Bud’s shower invitations that I am pretty much obsessed with. Stop drooling…

Second, she designed Bud’s “Sip and See” invitation that was adorable.

Third, she designed Bud’s baptism invitations that I’m again… drooling over.

She also painted an amazing picture for Bud’s nursery that depicts his own treehouse.  I just don’t have any decent shots of it.

Yall- for real, if you need anything whether its a customized invitation, customized stationary, or commissioned piece for a nursery GET IN TOUCH WITH LAUREN! She’ll blow your mind with her talent. If you get in touch with her, tell her you’re popping over from my blog and maybe we can convince her to do a giveaway one of these days 😉  You can reach her at

Is Christmas seriously in 5 days?!

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  • Rebecca

    I think it’s more than safe to say that I am totally obsessed with this… Thank you for sharing, and you are one lucky duck to be the direct recipient of this amazing talent.

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