5 Months!

You are five months old my giggling, squealing, mo-meal eating boy! Your daddy and I have had the best time with you this month. You have become so interactive and LOUDLY react to the things that happen around you… I have no idea where you get that from. *sarcasm

You are around 15.5 pounds, are loving eating your oatmeal “mo-meal”, and you even tried avocado! You loved the mushy parts but were not so thrilled about the chunks. Hopefully Santa is going to bring Mama a food processor so she can puree the heck out of some baby food. You have great head control and love sitting in your bumbo and just looking around. You are trying so hard to sit up but alas, your big ole noggin (your daddy’s fault) gets the best of you every time and you just fold forward. It’s kinda adorable. He says its because you and him have huge brains. We’ll get it down though, you’re getting close!

You have your first tooth coming in! I have thought you’ve been teething for a month now because you drool like crazy and what do you know, a little tooth has poked through your bottom gums this week! It’s all very exciting and you’re growing so quickly.

You are so aware and interested in everything going on in the room. It’s an arm work-out for Mama when I’m nursing to try and get you to hold still long enough to eat. If there is any movement or funny sound from Dad (who always instigates your distracted personality when you’re eating), you just jerk your head to see the action. Not so fun for Mama…

You are hysterical when you’re falling asleep for naps. You just coo, sing, squeal, “ba ba ba”, blow raspberries, and all kinds of hilarious noises coming from your crib. You have your daddy and me laughing all the time. Your dad’s favorite thing to do is to go get you when you wake up. I can just hear him in there laughing away with you. You made me laugh the other morning though because instead of you squealing, I heard Daddy squeal. Turns out you grabbed two handfuls of his chest hair… BUD FOR THE WIN!

You love it when your daddy gets home, you smile so big and just reach your little arms out and bury your head in his chest. It’s my favorite part of the day. We love you so much wild boy and can’t wait to see more and more of your little personality come out. Happy 5 months!!

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  • love the thigh rolls!!

    also. i have a pic of ike in that same onesie. :). i’ll be posting it on your facebook in 17 seconds. 🙂

  • Kim

    squeezably cute..(is that a word?)

  • Gammy

    Dreamy; just dreamy. Only 4 more days and you will be here!!

    • 🙂 you best have some of dat chex mix i love woman!

  • Olga Pisarskiy

    Adorable! Happy 5 Months Bud!! Loving the rolls. Ian already has tons of rolls and he is turning 3 months Friday!!

    • i love his rolls! i can’t believe that Ian is going to be 3 months!!! hope things are going well!